Since leaving the corporate world in 2009, Laura Denktash has blossomed into a passionate serial entrepreneur.

A writer since high school, she always knew she would write books, and be involved with publishing. But it took a while. Finally, in 2007 she self-published her first cookbook, The Rose Cookbook – a Treasury of Rose Recipes from Around the World. The book took seven years, and she vowed her next books would never take that long. She also vowed that she would find a way to help others complete their books in a simple way that lacked chaos and drama.

During that experience, she realized there was not much help in the way of explaining how to write a cookbook. So… she decided to become the “Cookbook Coach” and dedicated herself to helping other new authors who wanted to write cookbooks.

One thing led to another and she found herself with students all over the world. She went on to found the International Association of Cookbook Writers – IACBW, and the Cookbook Advertiser, a site where cookbook authors can advertise their books online if they don’t have a website yet.

Then she received an email invitation from Eduoard Cointreu, founder of the Gourmand International World Cookbook Awards, to attend next year’s Paris Cookbook Fair and participate as a conference member of cookbook authors. She plans on taking cookbook manuscripts to the fair for possible foreign rights sales.

Balanced  Rock Press is the next natural step in her journey.

She believes she is part of the “new” publishing hybrid of small independent publishers who actually help new authors clarify their voice, get published, and market their books successfully.

A writer with 18 years of experience and well honed internet marketing skills, Laura is able to offer her clients cutting-edge marketing methods. She quickly assesses the best plan of action, stressing the creation of a strong marketing campaign individually designed for author and book—from the time the book idea is conceived.

She works with her clients to create their personal brand, emphasizing their uniqueness. The focus is target and niche marketing. She teaches her clients how to utilize all the current methods of internet and social media marketing. She helps them identify their customer, build relationships, and begin marketing as they write. This helps to establish the necessary “author’s platform,” a key ingredient for success.

Her book, “The Rose Cookbook – A Treasury of Rose Recipes from Around the World,” has been well received by rose circles. She is currently marketing the book online at her website: TheRoseDiva, and through social media, and speaking engagements at American Rose Society chapter meetings and district conventions.

With a background as a technical writer and expertise in quality assurance, procedural, and business systems writing, she realized a documented system for cookbook writing was in order. She determined a need for such a system when self-publishing her own cookbook in 2007. Her philosophy of approaching a book like a project from the start, with a schedule and milestones, removes the chaos out of any book writing project.

Her system, “The 7 Secrets of a Successful Self-Published Cookbook” launched in September 2009, and is designed for authors who have decided self-publishing to be their quickest route to creating a cookbook. But.. she stresses that the course is based on the “book proposal” as the guiding compass for marketing the book. So… everyone has to create a book proposal whether they want to self publish or publish traditionally. First-time writers can benefit from her system and avoid hours of wasted time. By shortening the learning curve, Laura ensures the authors she works with spend their time creating their book, not figuring out how to do things.

The success of these recent ventures has given her the courage and confidence to follow yet another dream, and found Balanced Rock Publishing. She intends to help unknown authors who posses a strength of vision, a commitment to their dream, can produce quality writing, and have a uniqueness to their ideas and concepts. Niche topics within the guidelines are especially welcomed.

Her business writing experience has led her to consulting positions in the aerospace, semi-conductor, world-wide shipping, manufacturing, and construction industries. She has served as an examiner for the California Council for Excellence, a state-level agency for the promotion of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

She has appeared on local television shows demonstrating how to cook with roses, and is a popular guest for radio and teleseminars. Her creativity, enthusiasm, and strong commitment to quality are unwavering. She is available for telephone consultations, with initial consultation at no charge.

Balanced Rock Press is interested in new authors. If your book idea falls within our guidelines, we would like to hear from you.