“Recipes from the Top of the World”, by Prakash Adhikari

Prakash Adhikari is an inspiring and visionary entrepreneur, business man, and author from Nepal. I met Prakash Adhikari on Facebook in 2009. He impressed me because he was an entrepreneur and seemed truly determined.

His first offering was coffee and tea from Nepal, which he exports. I sampled both after he sent me the goods and I have to say, I really enjoyed the coffee!  He told me he had a new vision for Nepal which includes peace and the raising of the literacy level.

As I got to know him I discovered he loved to cook. He also said he had always dreamed of being a writer.

That’s really all I needed to hear! I immediately told him about my Cookbook Coach system, “The 7 Secrets of a Successful-Self-Published Cookbook.”  He did not even hesitate…he just said, “I want to do this, please show me how.”  I was absolutely thrilled. What an exotic place, Nepal. He kept saying I come from the top of the world, so he decided that’s what he wanted to name his book…”Recipes from the Top of the World.”  I thought it was brilliant!

At this posting he is still testing his recipes for inclusion in the book. I couldn’t be happier for Prakash and I’m very proud to be involved with his book project. The first publishing will be in the form of an eBook, with hard copy in the near future.  But, we will be taking the manuscript to the Paris Cookbook Fair in March 2011 for possible rights sale to other countries.

We all can’t wait to try these recipes! In Nepal you will find food that will nourish you and keep you warm. So curry plays an important part in the seasonings. The dishes are quick and easy to make, something Prakash insisted on, as he was doing the cooking to test all the recipes!

Get ready for “Recipes from the Top of the World!”

To learn more about Prakash Adhikari, visit his site.