Balanced Rock Press is an independent publisher. We are interested in first-time authors who are in need of developing their manuscripts, proposals, and/or an Internet Marketing and Online Presence.


Are you writing a book? Are you thinking about self-publishing? Need more information about publishing in the traditional way?

Balanced Rock Press has a team of experts ready to assist you. We offer consulting, book evaluation, coaching and mentoring, editing, developmental editing, and ghost writing.

Lets us craft a winning Book Proposal for you that includes a detailed marketing plan for you and your book! Your Book Proposal is like a ‘compass’ that will guide you to market your book successfully.

Still want to go for one of the big publishing houses? We know how to write Book Proposals that will capture the attention of Literary Agents who can help you with your publishing goals.


We offer complete book marketing services including online packages, writing, editing, and blog creation and posting.

Are you planning to write a book, or already in progress?

Do you want to build readership while you write it? Do you need to build your online platform in order to create an audience that will turn into readers who buy your book?

Do you already have a published book?

Either way, you’ll need a strong online presence to help promote and market your work more effectively. Whether you work with an agent or publisher, or decide to self-publish, you need to take advantage of the many powerful online tools to be successful in today’s book marketplace. This requires an effective strategy and the know-how to apply it.

Balanced Rock Press can help. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with:

Blog to Book Coaching – Let us show you how to structure your blog to gather research for your book, speed up manuscript development and build an audience quickly.

Blog / Website Design and Development – Our proven process will allow you to have a compelling blog and website up and running quickly. Ask about our “Online in 30-Days” package.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Use proven techniques to quickly build and sustain traffic to your website.

Blog Metrics – Metrics are the key to understanding your audience and making the right decisions about your book’s content and promotion. We will show you how to track your readers online and use that information to build a successful online marketing strategy.

Social Networking – Want to build a large audience? Start with a lot of small audiences. Social networks are a great place to find the readers most likely to buy your book. Our experts will help you to find and cultivate these groups, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Podcasts & Video Blogging – There are hundreds of millions of mobile devices with the capability for audio and video in use today. Multimedia is a personal and engaging way to connect with your audience. Use our multimedia experience to help you reach them.

Blog Tours – Have you heard about them? Take your book on a virtual tour to blogs that will help you connect with interested readers and generate sales.

Book Trailer – Video is HOT! A compelling two to three minute video introduction to your book to post on YouTube and many other Internet video sites.  We can also help you write a video script.


Let us show you how Balanced Rock Press can start putting the web to work for you.

Remember, we offer complete services including online packages, writing, editing, and posting. We also offer consulting, book evaluation, coaching and mentoring, developmental editing, and ghost writing.

Call us today for a consultation. We look forward to discussing your project with you.

We publish books, eBooks, and audio books.


Balanced Rock Press has created a special division – Enbrightened eBooks, dedicated to developing and  publishing eBooks.

We’ve done this so we stay in tune with what the market wants. We love books, but we realize that many people are opting for eBooks.

With the advent and rising popularity of Amazon’s Kindle, and other similar devices, eBooks are experiencing yearly increases in sales that are notable.

And rightly so. More than ever, people want something and they want it immediately, without delay.  Because eBooks are easy to produce, transmit, and  store, their popularity grows each year.

We are all familiar with small eBooks as a tool to promote business.

Sold online, or simply downloaded for free, these eBooks have been instrumental in marketing information for business.

They have also served as a tool to encourage readers to opt-in to an email list in return for a free report.

But now, many authors are opting to publish their full-length works in eBook form.

This can be an advantageous choice as there is no printing involved.

Most commonly, many authors are choosing to publish their work in both eBook and hard copy form.

If you are considering an eBook for your work, we hope you will discuss possibilities with Balanced Rock Press and Enbrightened eBooks.

We look forward to serving you.