Chef Franco Lania at work on his book in the New York City Library

I met Laura Denktash while I was surfing the web looking for guides to writing a cook book. I came across Laura’s site “Rose Diva” and began reading the information. I liked what I was reading and felt she would be extremely knowledgeable.

I looked for a contact number and there was none, I went deeper into the site and could only find and email contact. I wanted to talk to a live person. I went further into her pages and found a number at the bottom of one of the pages.

I called the number from my fax phone since it was the closest phone to me. I was sent to a voice mail, and so I hung up. I proceeded to shut down Laura’s pages when the fax phone rang back. It was Laura Denktash, asking if I had just called her. I said yes and I’m also just closing out of your web site. We both laughed and then proceeded to talk business.

Since that conversation Laura has been a dynamo and a true positive force on helping me get started on my journey of organizing myself, and focusing my ideas and energy on my cook book ideas.

Laura has helped me build my personalized blog which has already been admired by many. The time and effort Laura put into the blog was amazing, it was as if she were building her own personalized blog, this is the kind of dedication and one-on-one involvement one gets from Laura Denktash. Laura is always accessible and easy to reach. Communication is never a problem.

I feel blessed that Laura called me back that day, because her positive energy and bright outlook of the future has caused a tremendous shift of energy in my life, all for the better.

Laura gets two thumbs up from me and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to recreate themselves and move up to the next level in their life.

Rock on Laura!

Chef Franco Lania
New York
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From the desk of Jennifer Kumar

Jennifer Kumar, a woman who loves India and Indian cooking!

I have to admit, I wanted to do it on my own! I wanted to write the cookbook review on my own, and I wanted to give a cooking class on my own!

But, because I did not know what to do or how to do it, I needed help. I was a little nervous, but I contacted Laura. I thought after seeing her posts on Facebook a few months, she could give me some good insight into what to do.

I made the right decision! She was so kind and empathetic of my situation. She not only gave me advice and guidance before I undertook these two tasks that was invaluable, but she encouraged me after I completed the tasks.

She was not only concerned about my undertaking of the project, but the follow up. She really cared about guiding me through the entire experience. I never felt like once ‘the job was over’ Laura would forget about me.

She is thoughtful, caring and helps people throughout the process from an empathetic, individual perspective! Really feels great to be listened to! 🙂

Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Mentor
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From the office of Prakash Adhikari – Kathmandu, Nepal

Prakash Adhikari, trekking near Mt. Everest

I first met Laura Denktash on Facebook. I began to follow her and I requested her friendship. She accepted my request for friendship and we quickly began to sharing ideas about what we do. I visited her website and I found her to be a very humble person and someone who is well respected.

One day we began talking about cook books and she asked me to send some recipes of Nepali foods that I cook.  I sent her some recipes and because of time difference I was able to send them the same day. The next day she told me she liked my recipes and photos. I told her I love to cook, and I love to write. She mentioned to me the idea of writing a cookbook! I thought to myself, I can write a book!  I was surprised, but I looked at myself and I realized and felt she is very special person. If I took her advice, I could turn into an author, which was my dream from my childhood.

Ever since that day, she is always there to guide me and edit my work, and make sure I have accurate measurements for my recipes. She is constantly sharing new tips every day. I take this work very seriously and I’ve been working to collect all my recipes. Now I am very close to finishing my cookbook. Without Laura, this book would not exist. In Nepal people have saying, “in right time right things will happen.” I realized this to be true, when within one week of talking to Laura on Facebook, her encouragement transformed me into an author!! She is very, very helpful and I can fully recommend any person to work with Laura. She is amazing!!

Prakash Adhikari


From the office of Rose Mis, New York City, NY

Hi Laura…!!

Just wanted to tell you that I am more impressed with what you’ve been able to create in the past few months with absolutely free traffic and your video strategies, than almost anything else I’ve recently seen on the internet.

You are building an industry wide reputation, amassing a huge following, and have turned your PASSION and love into a Coaching Program that is going to make a HUGE difference for all authors that want to get published sooner rather than later. It’s just AMAZING. And ANYONE who has the chance to learn from you would be well advised to take advantage of that opportunity.

I am so excited about your Cookbook Coach Program…I can’t wait to tear into it myself and FINALLY get my own cookbook written and published. It was fate that brought us together on Facebook such a short time ago. And I am thankful every day for having been given the opportunity to get to know you, help you, learn from you, collaborate with you and watch you blossom. It has all been simply stunning.

Your holistic approach to life and to work is a wonderful gift that you give to everyone that comes in contact with you. Your ability to simplify complex concepts into easily understood information is priceless. I know that it means alot to me and to the many others that are in contact with you on a daily basis. I simply cannot imagine learning how to get my cookbook done from anyone but you. What you have already shared with me is pure gold. I am so glad to be working with you. I value our “mind share” and “mastermind” calls beyond belief. I am truly looking forward to the opportunities the future is bringing us!!

Rose Mis


From the office of Joacim Kempe, Sweden

I first got in touch with Laura when I found her on Facebook. I didn’t know who she was then, but after some research and a few visits to her website therosediva.com I became very interested in her and her work.

I sent her a friend request on Facebook and also wrote her a message telling her that I had visited her website. I also told her I was impressed by her work and I asked her a few questions about her book, The Rose Cookbook, which she sent to me as a gift. That book is really a treasure!

Laura is very kind. After she sent me her book we started to chat. I could talk about everything with Laura and she was listening and very interested in me and Sweden, where I live. I was also very interested in all her projects.

It was just a couple of months ago she recommended I should write a cookbook. She knows that I love to work in the kitchen and that I’m good at writing. So the answer was, “Of course, yes!” I was, I am, very excited to be writing this book. Laura’s help is very good and she has so many inspiring ideas and tips. Without her, and her “7 Secrets of a Successful Self-Published Cookbook” system, I would never have been able to write this book. Actually her system has made it so easy and fun that I am already sketching for my second cookbook project!

Laura is a huge support for me and we always help each other. She has made some wonderful videos for me. Laura is not only my Cookbook Coach; she is also one of my best friends! When I couldn’t sleep one night she stayed at her computer and talked to me and gave me tips so I could sleep.

Laura Denktash is a fantastic person and author with lots of good ideas. She has so many good ideas, she has so many projects running and, she is so good at what she’s doing. I mean, she does a great job as an author, Cookbook Coach, video maker, and lots more. I just found out she is going to start writing articles on Examiner.com San Francisco, on the topic “Personal Branding.” I know she will make very good work!

Joacim Kempe, Sweden


From the desk of Deirdre Mercedes, California

Deirdre Mercedes, working on her first cookbook - "Brooklyn Babe Sizzlin' in the Kitchen"

Hey Laura –

It was such a pleasure to work with you over the last few months.  The Opal, QSM website has changed and I’ve made great strides using what you’ve shared with me with regards to internet marketing and social networking.  Our conversations and coaching sessions have been fun, productive and extremely insightful.  As you know, my next project is the cookbook.  I’ll be using what I got from our sessions to make it fantastic.   Thanks for everything!

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